Life Stories

leslie-8     Life Collections is a series of confessions from people who live taboo lives! Reality is, we have our secrets and vices, thus we all have taboo moments. These moments are sometimes full of shame and other times thrust upon us without our consent. Regardless these are moments we fear others in society will reject us for.

      In truth, these moments are full of shame, but the reality is they are moments and they do not define the individual person. Most have brilliant moments that shine and truly show what an amazing person each of them are. If you enjoy these confessions please subscribe.

Confessions of:

1. Myself

2. The Cheated Upon

3. Staring Down the Barrel of a .40 Glock

4. The Cheating Alcoholic  

5. G.I. Jane

6. The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

7. I’m a Slut

8. God is Cruel

9. Left Wanting

10. Bitterness

11. Happiness

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