I’m a Widow, Now What?

If I had to pinpoint one of the most impact filled moments after becoming a widow, it would be hearing my mother tell me a story of another widow. Through everything, this story has held with me ever since. I am going to share this widow’s story with you, in hopes that it may help you as well.

Sara was married to her husband for a long time. They loved each other dearly. They raised three children together with the last finally moving out about a year ago. They were happy. However, as fate would have it, the happiness ended in a tragic car wreck. As her husband was driving home from work. His car was hit by a semi. He was rushed to the hospital, but pronounced dead upon arrival.

Sara was devastated. Her soulmate was gone and in an instant her life changed. As with any death, there was a funeral to plan and a life to close out. The funeral was lovely and Sara cried through its entirety. She was greatly pained by her loss. Fortunately, they were both well loved in the small community and there was tremendous support from neighbors and friends.

Three weeks passed and one of the caring neighbors ran into Sara at the grocery store. Sara kindly smiled and asked her how she was. The neighbor was caught so off guard she couldn’t contain herself, she asked, “how do you do it? If I had just lost my spouse I would be bedridden and unable to leave my home.”

Sara, with great sadness in her eyes, looked at her and said, “What other choice do I have? I could lay in bed in my grief, but sooner or later I have to get up and face the world. It might as well be today”

Sara’s question has wedge itself deep into my mind. “What other choice do I have”  I ask myself the question often. Yes, I can hide from the world and sometimes I do. However, eventually I have to face it. Now that you are a widow, face the world. What other choice do you have?Face the world

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