Toast of the Week- May 23, 2015

The Lone Bull Moose

You’ve been told no, to stop, to give it up. They tell you it’s not worth the time, the money, the pain. You should turn in and do something stable, sensible. Letting your dreams go are worth living in safety and stability.

But you refuse. You’ve taken your lumps, been burned, ripped off, taken advantage of. You’ve been knocked down and yet each time you stand up,  return with ferocity. It would be easier to pursue other avenues, other careers. But where your head says yes, your heart says no. To Hell with the critics and the naysayers. You were born for something better, something greater. Despite the setbacks and the missteps, you keep at it. Where most would have learned to quit, you keep going.

Most lessons are worth learning. Some are not.

A Toast: To Lessons Never Learned

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Toast of the Week- March 28, 2015

The Lone Bull Moose

Happiness is earned. It’s earned through experience; the good, the bad, the ugly. The ugliest experiences contribute the greatest to our happiness. Divorce. Depression. Death. Things that nearly break us, almost kill us, fuel our happiness; make us great. Humans are meant to be challenged; tested; pushed. We are meant to break our limits; innovate; adapt; overcome. Without the nearly fatal, we never truly live.

We need the ugly moments; the moments of despair; the hard stuff.

A Toast: To the Hard Stuff

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