Taking off the ring… or not


One of the more challenging moments in widowhood is deciding whether or not to take off your wedding band. Many ask themselves when they should do this or if they should just leave it on. Here are a few thoughts and ideas for you to consider.

  • You are always capable of putting it back on.
  • Consider why you are still wearing your wedding band
  • Do you see removing your wedding band as a acknowledging your single again?
  • Do you want to take it off or are you feeling pressured to?
  • Are you ready to move on?
  • Why are you still wearing it?
  • Does taking it off change anything?
  • Does wearing it make you sad?
  • Try wearing it on your right hand and if you feel uncomfortable slip it back on your left.
  • Some people put it on a chain and wear it around their neck.
  • I got another band that has black diamonds to represent his death that I always wear with my wedding band when I wear it.
  • Get a ring to wear in it’s place.
  • Put it in a memory box (I’m going to write a post about this later)
  • If you are angry at the person you lost and want to throw it away. Consider giving it to someone you can trust for a year or two, then reevaluate when you aren’t as hurt.

Taking your ring off can be difficult. Evaluate yourself and your emotions, then decide for yourself when you are ready. Don’t decide anything when you are angry. Taking the ring off doesn’t have to be permanent, you can always put it back on. Do what is right for you.

One comment

  1. It is indeed difficult. When you still feel so very married but society has a different name for it. I like the reminder you’ve given that removing it doesn’t have to be permanent. I know I’m still not ready to take my ring off, but maybe one day.

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