The Publicity of Caitlyn Jenner

How could I resist such a juicy tabloid post. It’s perfect, Olympic Male Athlete Bruce Jenner, transforms himself into a woman. How much more taboo can you get- it has everything sex, gender identity, fame, and every Progressive politician and celeb applauding bravery.

I am all about taboo, so since everyone is so supportive I’m going to take the dark side… bahaha… seriously. My concern comes from the minimal research and how to deal with gender identity. This concern comes from the fact that many transgenders commit suicide after castration. Identity is important. Without identity we wander aimlessly. My concern also stems from what is feminine and what is masculine. What does it mean to be female and what does it mean to be male?

I am, by all means, happy that someone can express himself/herself, however, I am bothered by the need to be one gender instead of the other. Especially when, like race, we have fought for gender equality. To be progressive, transgender defeats feminism and equality. It states there are genders and I am male or female, and one is better for me than the other. It says, I need to change my body, use silicon, photoshop, make-up to be a male or a female. Why do we need to mutilate our bodies to meet any form of self love, to say “this is who I am?” This is the opposite of self-love.

Self mutilation is a terrifying issue within the US. The most alarming part is we don’t even realize it’s a problem. In Africa, tribes conduct genital mutilation as a rite of passage into womanhood.  Americans are disgusted and spend millions fighting to stop it because it’s “wrong.” And yet in our own country, we choose to have labiaplasty and breast implants. We are mutilating our body for an idea of an image we think we want. To have to change one’s body image to meet an idea is setting ourselves up for failure.

Instead of discussing what we can change about ourselves, we should be politically discussing how to be whomever we want within our own bodies. Appearances, in dress and behavior, should be acceptable instead of gawked at and labelled. I would be much happier about all the publicity of Caitlyn (previously known as Bruce Jenner), if there was no change to his body, no hormones, no photoshop, just his natural body and her saying “I identify as an equal gender. I am both male and female. I do not have to be one or the other, I can be both.”

Please comment and lets discuss body identity.

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