The World Moves On


One of the most surreal experiences you will have, is your life coming to a crashing halt; the world continues to move on as if nothing has happened. It is a bizarre and strange perception.

Eventually you will pause long enough to look out the window. When you do, you see a million different things. You see life when everything seems like it should be dead. Children playing, a man jogging, people coming and going to and from their homes. They go to work, they have friends over and have parties. They live. This experience makes you question humanity. How can everyone continue on with their daily activities and jobs when someone so precious has passed away only moments ago? How can they go on as if nothing has happened?

You aren’t the first person to experience this nor feel the injustice of it all. It was only yesterday when his job needed him to stay late for a last-minute project. It was only yesterday you had a fight; a fight so petty that you don’t even remember what it was about. But meant everything at the time. It was only yesterday that actions and words meant everything. It was only yesterday that his kiss stole your breath away. Alas, the world waits for no one. His work found someone new. He missed his weekly poker game. His friends barbequed without him. He didn’t do the dishes. He no longer walks through the door and says “I love you.” It’s as though he never existed. Are you the only one that remembers he was just here yesterday?

There are remnants of him everywhere. Pieces left, pieces of him. Debts to be paid. Accounts to be closed. Possessions to put in boxes. He is everywhere and yet, it’s as though he never existed. The world has moved on without him.

Please share in the comments about the window moments you’ve had.


  1. You look out the window, you see the sun… All she wanted was the warmth. You feel guilty feeling the glow on your skin. You feel guilty that you don’t have the energy or the perspective to appreciate it. All you feel is darkness.

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    1. Absolutely, I am slowly writing more. It takes time, but hopefully I can build my site so many more can relate and find it helpful. Thank you for reading and please, always feel free to share experiences and suggest things for me to address for others. I want to others to know they are not alone.

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  2. I can recall the first time I had one of those ‘life goes on’ moments. I was only a couple of weeks into my journey and I was sitting at traffic lights. Suddenly I saw everything so clearly around me…. people carry on, living, when my world was shattered beyond recognition. In that moment I wanted to leap out of my car and start yelling – ‘why are you all carry on like nothing happened, my husband died, my world stopped, you should all have stopped with it’. Of course I didn’t, instead I sat there and cried because in that moment I realised that the stupid cliche ‘life goes on’ was real.


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