Not all Women want Children

no-kidsA six-year-old boy hummed as the elevator went up seven floors. He was dressed nicely holding both of his parents hands. Most adult women would find this behavior to be overly-charming and fall into a baby-wanting frenzy, however there is a handful of women that would want to karate-kick the child in the back of the head for not shutting up. After which, they would scold the parents for not keeping their child quiet, because not everyone thinks hearing a child hum is adorable. These women don’t want children, in fact, they don’t even like children.

How could this be? Women are suppose to want to grow up and have children. That motherly instinct to keep the species alive should be tethering all women to the dream of family. Hence when a woman breaks free of this typical mold, it creates confusion and chaos. It’s so bizarre men, women and children can’t comprehend it. They makes comments such as “It’s just a phase”, “It’s different when it’s yours”, and “You can’t be serious. You’ll want them later.” This outrageous stance -women declaring freedom from precious boys and girls- is almost a crime against womanhood.

In general there are logical reasons to not want children. Here are 10:

  1. Children cost money.
  2. Children take considerable amount of time (practically a full-time job).
  3. There is NO guarantee on disposition, health, and behavior, responsible people who have major hereditary health might choose not to have children because they don’t want to pass along something that they have had to deal with.
  4. There are strict laws on how one can parent.
  5. Chances are children won’t move out at 18 or 26 or will move back in when they are adults.
  6. Why live vicariously through children when you can still live your own life.
  7. Have you ever looked at a family and thought- There should be regulations about who can have children and how many” Some people really shouldn’t have kids so if they choose not to support them.
  8. Babies wreck your body.
  9. She is not in a positive environmental position or society to raise a family.
  10. She just doesn’t want to.

Not wanting children as a woman is Taboo. It makes a declaration of freedom and power. A woman has decided to take her own fate into her hands and determine what her future holds outside of societal expectations. She has made the best decision for herself and her unwanted potential offspring. This is perfectly acceptable, but threatening. Women alone hold the power of carrying an embryo to term. Any other development of a child, such as cloning, is considered unethical. Men, while producing sperm, only play a small part in the reproduction process. Perhaps this is why the declaration of not wanting children is so outrageous for some. The woman is not fulfilling her “duty” to carry on the species. Ironically one woman (unless she was the last on earth due to a zombie apocalypse) choosing not to have a child is not an end to the species. Currently, the world is overpopulated and there are many homeless and starving children without families. Demographically, children make up the majority of the those currently living in poverty.

Women who do not want children are not causing the destruction of the species. They are seeing past society and into their own needs. This takes courage and strength. I don’t deny there are reasons for wanting children, but there are just as many reasons to not have children. In the end, we all need to think about what is best for ourselves and potential children instead of being quickly taken aback by an out-of-the-norm idea. Children are not for everyone and that is not a bad thing.

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