The Young Widow’s Guide


In all the research I have done I’ve realize how little is out there for young widows. There is no guidebook. My life has drastically changed since I became a widow at 23. It has since been five years and I am currently trying to get into graduate school to research complicated grief through clinical psychology. This is where I want to place what I learn and what has helped me. A free access to help those looking for guidance and help. An outlet to let those who are now a widow, you are not alone and you are not the first to be lost in the despair of grief and pain. I hope in some way the things I have been through might help others and the suggestions I offer provide relief. I will emphasis I am not a licensed practitioner, psychologist (yet), or life coach, but someone who has lost their spouse and understands first hand the complications it creates.

If there are thoughts or questions you would like me to address please leave a comment and I will respond with a post.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my post Self Care = Self Love. Feel free to re-blog my post here, otherwise I shall will share some more of my own views and experiences with you later. Feel free to email me. I have another post I can write on the same topic.


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